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  Export Licence for Graphite
From Oct. of 2006, Chinese government changed export drawback, and ordained that any Chinese factory have to apply export certificate if export any graphite products. For your convenience, now we export products via Ningbo Haichuang International Trading Co., Ltd instead of CAZ, as Haichuang is a big company, they have good relation with Chinese government, and can enjoy good policy for export, and they have obtained Export Licence for Graphite, earliest in China.


Just now you have to offer original End-user and End-use Certificate to us in time, if you order graphite products, the sample is as follows:



End-User and End-Use Certificate


Ministry of Commerce of P. R. China,


We,            (Company name and address), are the end-user of                  (Commodity name) purchased from the Chinese company                  (Company name) under contract        (Contract No.). We guarantee that we will not transfer the above-said        (Commodity name) to any third party without the consent of the Chinese government.


We,           (company name), will only use the                 (Commodity name) purchased from Chinese company          (Company name) under contract         (Contract No.) for/in____         (End-use). We guarantee that we will not use the above-said _       (Commodity name) in the storing, processing, producing and treating of weapons of mass destruction and their delivery systems or any use other than we declared above.


Signature/Company Stamp

         (Name in print)


___________(Company name)

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Add:No.988, Lingxu Road, CiDong industrial zone, Cixi City, Zhejiang,China (PC 315338)

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production and service of grand packings, joint sheets, industrial gaskets and sealing machines etc.....

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