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Other Sealing Machine Lines

Machine Other Machine Lines
Graphite Yarn Process Line
Item:CAZ 880GYL

Composite machine +Cutter, For making expanded graphite yarn, normal size: 2g/m, 3g/m, 5g/m; The reinforced material can be cotton, glassfiber etc.

Graphite Roll Process Line
Item:CAZ 880GRL

For making expanded graphite roll With width 1000mm and thickness 0.2~1.2mm;1500mm on request.

Asbestos Yarn (Dust Free) Process Line
Item:CAZ 880AYL

From dry asbestos fiber to wet asbestos yarn (Dust free), 2g/m, 3g/m, 5g/m etc.

(Non-)Asbestos sheet Process Line
Item:CAZ 880ASL

For making asbestos-rubber sheet, oil-resisting asbestos-rubber sheet, and non asbestos sheet. Max. size: 4000กม1500mm; 4500กม1500mm; 3810กม1270mm;

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Add:No.988, Lingxu Road, CiDong industrial zone, Cixi City, Zhejiang,China (PC 315338)

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production and service of grand packings, joint sheets, industrial gaskets and sealing machines etc.....

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